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courtney & jesse

This wedding was special to me for many different reasons. First, it was one of my very best friends getting married. Second, it was my first wedding dealing with the logistics of the Covid pandemic. Thirdly, it was my first wedding back to work after the birth of my second child. It was a lot. Not only was I juggling a toddler and a baby I was also on pins and needles wondering if I would even be able to attend my friends wedding, that I was also a bridesmaid for, because the pandemic gathering sizes were changing so frequently. At the time, it seemed like the restrictions were changing weekly. In the end it was absolutely worth every single uncertainty, concern and worry. With a small group of their closest friends and family, I was honoured to bear witness to Courtney and Jesse devoting their lives together among the beautiful backdrop that is Black Fox Farm and Distillery. And then, we partied. And as it was the first time many of us had been to a larger gathering in a few months, we absolutely made sure to have a great time!

Being that we were at Black Fox Farm we were able to utilize the beautiful flower fields to create all the bouquets, boutonnières and table centrepieces. Gorgeous dahlias, lilies, peonies, snapdragons, and delphinium were among some of the beautiful blooms.

(On a funny side note, in the hustle and bustle that was my life at the time I completely forgot to take photos of the finished bouquets. I am so grateful that Lisa from Lisa Hippe Photography could provide a few photos for me! The first 3 in this post are from her.)


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