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Every wedding and couple is different, thus every consultation and flower planning process is different. This post will talk about good things to bring with you when we meet for a consultation as well as what to expect. And it will also explain different ways that you can go about planning your flowers with The Snapdragon Studio.

Typically my conversation with you starts out with the basic introduction that you give me about what it is you are looking for; very often I have brides send me an email that states they are interested in what I do, and they are looking for flowers for their wedding but they do not know what they want or where to start. That is 100% okay! At this point I will send you an email attachment with questions that help to narrow down what you like and want. Once I have a basic idea of what you like we set up a consultation.

The consultation is basically a conversation between us, getting to know each other a little bit and figuring out if we are a good fit for each other. It is important to me that we get a long and like each other as we will be working together for quite some time. Just as you are deciding if I am competent enough to be a part of your wedding, I am also deciding if your wedding is something that I am comfortable doing. The last thing I want to do is agree to work with someone, if I feel like they will take advantage of what I do.

Quite often during our consultation, I will give you suggestions about different flower options or ideas that I may have to maximize the use of flowers for your venue and day. It is a good idea to bring colour swatches with you so that I know the colour palette you are working with; this can be in fabric samples, invitation templates, napkins or even paint chips. If there are any photos of bouquets that you really love now is a great time to show them to me, often brides have several photos that they like so I will ask you to pick your top 3 favourites and email them to me within a couple days.

Once I have a good idea about what it is you want from me, and the consultation is over, I will narrow down prices for everything and email you a price estimate to look over. Once we have agreed on prices for eveything I will get you to sign a contract and give a deposit. The deposit is 30% of your total wedding costs.

Approximately 3 months before your wedding I will touch base with you and go over everything that you want again. This is to double check that we haven't forgotten or missed anything. Now that it is closer to your wedding date, you will have a better idea about how many centrepieces you need and so on. This is the important invoice to make note of because this will now be the working invoice from which I will refer to when I am ordering and making everything.

Consultations are one of my favourite things about being an event florist, I love getting to know my clients and I enjoy the excitement that is deciding what you like and learning what you want for flowers. Every couple is different and I love how every wedding is so different from the next. From rustic to classic to bold to romantic every bouquet enhances the story that is your wedding day! <3

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