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robyn & caleb

This was such a great wedding to be a part of! Not only did I have the honour of doing up the flowers for this wonderful couple, I was also privileged enough to be in the bridal party. And we most certainly had a great time!

Robyn gave me free reign on the flower choices for her wedding. She gave me her colour scheme, told me her favourite flower was a calla lily and the rest was up to me. I focused my attention to creating flowers that were bold and edgy looking. It was important to me that her flowers in some way resemble her personality; risky, unique, one of a kind and remarkable. So I went bold with black calla lilies, classic with red roses, and unique with aranda orchids. The aspidistra collar framed the flowers and finished it off perfectly. The stems were wrapped in a black satin ribbon with a red criss cross detail and red pearl pins. I truly loved her flowers simply because they suited her so well! Many best wishes to Robyn and Caleb as they continue their journey together! <3

**The photos used in this post were taken by Pam of Pam Doyle Photography in Banff, AB.

***This is a post about a wedding I did while working at a retail flower shop. While the creative technique and style of the flowers used is that of the owner of The Snapdragon Studio, the product is not.

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