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patrick & natasha

This is a wedding that I will hold near and dear to my heart for a long time. I have been privileged to have grown up with both the groom and bride. I even took the groom as my date to my own grad! They are both incredible people and it warms my heart to have been around for the beginning of their relationship, and the day that they vowed to spend forever together. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for these too!

What I love about Tasha’s bouquets is the evolution from where they started to what the finished product became. When she was first describing what she wanted to me I immediately knew what I was going to do, even though she didn’t know it yet. At the end of our initial conversation I told her that by the time her wedding came around I was going to convince her to add green into her bouquets. What started out as a simple white and purple idea for her bouquet turned into a gorgeous hand tie with shades of lilac, plum, eggplant, chartreuse and ivory. The green of the cymbidium orchids add such a pop of colour and bring all the shades of purple together. The stems were wrapped in a light grey satin ribbon with a small bow tie detail.

**The photos used in this post were taken by Organic Photography based from Saskatoon.

***This is a post about a wedding I did while working at a retail flower shop. While the creative technique and style of the flowers used is that of the owner of The Snapdragon Studio, the product is not.

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