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allison & landon

Allison and Landon had a traditional winter wedding in February. Their wedding was the official start to the makings of The Snapdragon Studio. I had known for quite some time that I wanted to start my own business, but before this point I had not known exactly how I was going to go about doing it. At the time, Allison was working for a flower shop in the city that I had previously worked at. She asked me if I would want to do up her flowers for her wedding and I was honoured she asked! To eliminate any awkward situations we decided that she would purchase the flowers from her store, and then take them to my house and I would design everything. Since this was after my own wedding in Manitoba (the pop-up studio in the hall) and Robyn & Caleb's wedding in Alberta (the hotel room studio) I felt confident that I could work pretty much anywhere! After their wedding is when I really got to work setting up a studio space and creating my business plan!

Allison has worked within the floral industry for a couple years. So she knew exactly what she wanted and what types of flowers we were going to use. We used a gorgeous blend of plum, eggplant, silvery greys and mustard yellows with roses, tulips, anemone, trachellium, solidago, eucalyptus, carnations, craspedia, mimosa and brunia. The bouquets were styled in a loose, rustic handtie with lots of movement, texture and depth.

The centrepieces consisted of 3 cylinder vases with curly willow and floating candles, and 3 small jars with tulips and solidago.

And I had to include this last photo of Allison because I think its a breathtaking photo of this beautiful woman!

All the photos in this post were taken by the very talented Emma Love from Emma Love Photography.

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