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One of my favourite things about planning my own wedding was looking at websites and following my potential vendors blogs and posts. I remember being up late at night reading about a photographer’s latest wedding they captured, or looking at other florist’s photos of bouquets for my own inspiration. For me, it was a way to be planning my special day even if I was only getting ideas in that specific moment. I appreciated seeing up to date photos and comments, and I gravitated towards businesses that were interactive with their clients, both potential and current. That is my goal with The Snapdragon Studio. In solely being an event florist and limiting my weddings to 1 a week it means that I have the time to focus my attention completely on my clients. Ultimately, this provides a better product for my clients. And gives them (you!) the reassurance that everything will be taken care of on my end. Quite simply put, you deserve it.

So here is my promise to try and keep this blog update! And use it as a means to provide my insight on the latest wedding that I am working on.

Stay tuned, there are going to be some really fun wedding flowers coming up!!


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