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Spring Blooms.

Funny story: when I was growing up I used to tell my mom all about the different weddings I would have. I would say my first wedding would be at the lake in a log cabin, and my second wedding would be under the blossom trees in the spring time. I don’t recall what my third wedding was but clearly I had a love for weddings even before I knew this would be my profession. Turns out, I did actually get married at the lake in a log cabin. And since I am quite content with my husband, I will settle for family photos under the blossom trees in the spring time.

This is my family, and the whole reason that there even is The Snapdragon Studio. When we decided we wanted to start a family I knew I wanted to figure out a way to be at home and raise them while still working in some form. I was incredibly optimistic and did not predict the utter chaos of running a business with little humans under foot. Regardless, I wouldn’t change it even if I could and I think the example I am providing my girls is worth all the work and late nights. They also think mom has a pretty neat job and try to “help” whenever they can.

This past spring we took advantage of Jenna Thiessen Photography spring blossom session, I absolutely recommend her for your photo needs! Go give her a follow!


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